Green Gal’s Bakery offers locally handcrafted, 100% organic sourdough bread for people who enjoy good food that tells a story. Join us in cultivating change, one bite at a time.

Find Green Gal’s Reno Sourdough bread at the Riverside Farmers Market in Reno, Nevada. Ask us anything about our practices and ingredients–we’d love to share!

Using 150-year-old resilient sourdough starter, all organic ingredients, and fermented in all-glass containers, Reno Sourdough bread is created in Green Gal’s home kitchen in South Reno.

Locally prepared, consciously crafted, vegan, & wild fermented in Reno, NV

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Meet the Bread

Green Gal is an organic baker, gardener, and consultant with a mission is to support initiatives connecting people to place, nature, community, and self.