Melissa Ott Fant (Green Gal) is a writer, digital marketing consultant, sourdough baker, and gardener living in Reno, Nevada. A guiding quote in her life has been Gandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

For 5.5 years, Melissa supported education and outreach programs and projects at the UCSC Sustainability Office and other campus organizations. She received her B.A. in Literature in 2014 from UCSC, where she designed and taught two undergraduate courses.

In 2017, Melissa participated in the UC Santa Cruz Farm Apprenticeship program where she received her Certificate in Ecological Horticulture. She also received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Santa Cruz Permaculture in 2017.

That same year, Melissa launched Green Gal Consulting, offering marketing, outreach, event planning, and other services. For the 2018 growing season, Melissa cultivated Green Gal’s Garden, a small market garden in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

At the end of 2018, Melissa and her husband moved to Reno, Nevada. She is still consulting for two small businesses based in Santa Cruz, and she plans to continue gardening in the high desert.

Starting in late April 2019, Melissa began selling her organic sourdough bread at the local Riverside Farmers Market in Reno.

In the coming year, she looks forward to learning from and connecting with local growers and permaculturists in the region.

Melissa has been writing the Green Gal blog since 2009.

Green Gal in her childhood garden in the 1990s.