Green Gal's Bakery

Thank you for all of your support, Reno! Green Gal’s Bakery is currently taking a break.
I recommend visiting the Riverside Farmers Market website for updates about other local organic sourdough bakers!

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100% Organic • Vegan • Handcrafted • Wild Fermented

Green Gal’s Bakery offers organic, handcrafted sourdough bread and other baked goods to the Reno community. Green Gal’s overarching mission is to support initiatives connecting people to place, nature, community, and self. Our bakery serves this mission by supporting a local, regenerative, accessible, and resilient food economy.

Our signature offering is “Reno Sourdough,” an organic, vegan, hand-shaped sourdough loaf. We often mix in herbs, spices, and seasonal ingredients like tomatoes, but the essential ingredients are simple: flour, water, salt, and olive oil, with a little bit of cornmeal along the bottom crust.

The magic ingredient that makes it true sourdough, of course, is the wild yeast that bring the flour and water to life.

Green Gal’s Bakery is a cottage food operation based out of our home kitchen in Reno, Nevada.

Sourdough bread on a white plate