Consulting Services

Green Gal is currently focused on raising her two little ones and is not offering consulting services at this time.

Green Gal previously offered consulting on digital marketing, writing, editing, administrative support, and other services for small businesses, with a mission to support initiatives that connect people to place, nature, community, and self.

Digital Marketing Services

Social media strategy and management for consistent, effective, and targeted engagement (specialties include but are not limited to Facebook and Instagram)

Website management, including updating content, organizing layout, optimizing search engine optimization (SEO)

Writing: blog articles, newsletters, website copy, ad copy, etc.

Graphic design for social media, website, ads, newsletters, flyers, etc.

Paid advertising: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

Video editing and captioning for different online channels (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Overall marketing strategy, including:

  • Clarifying how marketing elements work together cohesively for your unique brand
  • Creating annual timelines for content updates, promotions, and unique seasonal strategies
  • Identifying how marketing budget is allocated based on both annual/seasonal timelines as well as specific events/offerings, product releases, and other new messaging
  • Developing brand identity and style guides
  • Analytics reporting, tracking, and analysis for ongoing refinement of marketing strategy to optimize marketing budget to channels leading to the most conversions
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